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Consultations Include:

Consultations address any behavior problem that is disrupting the canine-human relationship. These can be due to lack of socialization or training as well as emotional issues such as fear, anxiety, obsessive compulsive behaviors or phobias.


The acknowledgement and respect for the relationship between owner and pet are essential in assessing the dog's behavior and is paramount in developing a training protocol.


Breed Selection or Adoption to match your lifestyle


Temperament Assessments and Behavior Evaluations 


Positive Training for polite behavior


New Baby … Old Dog


Managing and modifying problem behavior


A walk in the park -- “My dog pulls”


Uh oh, the door bell - -“Meet and Greet”


Anxiety Issues (storms)


Resource Guarding


Family Dynamics - your dog and family relations 


Dog Training
Dog Behavior Training
Dog with boy reading
Dog training
Dog with baby
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